Spring Football Game
The Spring Game is a time for parents to get a preview of the season.  Coaches are on the field coaching the players.  This gives the coaches as chance to see plays in action and try different things.  This is something you don't want to miss!!   Visit the Sponsors Page to Sponsor this event
Friday, May 10th, 2018 @6pm
Volunteers are Needed

Work the Game      Donate to Concessions        

We need parent volunteers

to work the game.  You may sign-up a friend/relative (age 21+) to work with you.  We need volunteers to work the ticket gate, concession stand (shifts), grill, chain crew, etc.

2018 Sign Ups

We need donations for items to sell in the Concession Stand.  We need water, hotdogs, buns, soft drinks, candy, paper products, etc.
This is our 1st Fundraiser of the year. 

So let's all chip in.

2018 Sign Ups

Volunteer Portal

Job Descriptions

Banana Pick-up:  1 volunteer is needed each week to pick-up Bananas on Tuesday afternoon and deliver to FIELDHOUSE between 1:45 - 2:30pm

Game Meal  Pick-up(F/JV-V):  1 volunteer is needed for both Home and Away games to pick-up the Game Meal and deliver to the FIELDHOUSE by 2:00pm.  You will be contacted with the meal pick-up location.

Gate Workers
(F/JV only):  4 volunteers are needed to collect money at the Gate for Home Games.  This is a good opportunity for Varsity parents to give back and serve while remaining free on Friday nights to watch the Varsity Game.
           Freshman Gate  4:30 - 6:00pm
           Junior Varsity Gate  6:00-7:30pm

F/JV Game Announcer, Spotter, Clock/Scoreboard:  3 volunteers are needed to fill these spots
           Freshman Game Workers  4:45pm - end
           Junior Varsity Game Workers  6:45pm - end

Game Chain Crew
(F/JV-V):  3 MALE volunteers are needed for Home games and 1 MALE volunteer is needed for Away games
           Freshman Game Workers  4:45pm - end
           Junior Varsity Game Workers  6:45pm - end

​Varsity Game -Meal Server:  4 volunteers are needed to serve the Varsity Pre-game Meal on Fridays in the Cafeteria.
           2:15 - 3:15pm which includes serving time & clean-up time.

VarsityGame Workers -Programs:  1-2 volunteers are needed to fill these spots
           5:45pm -task completed

Varsity Game Workers -Stadium Flags, Spike Setup:  1-2 volunteers are needed to fill these spots
           5:45pm -task completed

Game Day Sign-ups 

Click on the games that you are available. If you are a Varsity parent you can easily volunteer for F/JV games and still watch your player.  If you prefer a calendar view you may click on the games from the calendar page.

Game Day Volunteers

Check back for upcoming events like Sign Painting, etc.

Golf Tournament
Each year this is our biggest fundraiser. We need volunteers to get sponsors for the event. Visit the Sponsor Page for more info. We also need parents to work the event. 
Monday, June 11, 2018

Beau Chene Country Club

Freshmen/JV Games -2018

Wed, Aug 22 (A)    **Volunteer**
Wed, Aug 29 (H)     **Volunteer**
Wed, Sept 5  (A)     **Volunteer**
Wed, Sept 12 (H) --OPEN week **Volunteer**
Wed, Sept 19 (H)     **Volunteer**
Wed, Sept 26 (A)    **Volunteer**
Wed, Oct 3 (H)        **Volunteer**
Wed, Oct 10 (A)     **Volunteer**
Wed, Oct 17 (H)     **Volunteer**

Varsity Games-2018
Thurs, Aug 16 (A) Scrimmage    **Volunteer**
Fri, Aug 24 (A) Jamboree    **Volunteer**
Fri, Aug 31 (H)    **Volunteer**
Fri, Sept 7 (H)    **Volunteer**
Fri, Sept 14 (A)    **Volunteer**
Fri, Sept 21 (A)    **Volunteer**
Fri, Sept 28 (H)    **Volunteer**
THURS, Oct 4 (A)    **Volunteer**
Fri, Oct 12 (H)    **Volunteer**
Fri, Oct 19 (A)    **Volunteer**
Fri, Oct 26 (H)    **Volunteer**
Fri, Nov 2 (A)    **Volunteer**

It takes a lot of people to run a top-quality football program.  The things we do behind the scenes make it easier for the coaches to do their jobs and the players to be successful.

                               "Many hands, make light work"

so please sign-up to help your player's football program.

 Friends/relatives (Adult 21+) may join you to volunteer.  The more the merrier !!!!­

Thank you in advance for your Bulldog Support !!!


3433 Highway 190; PMB 311
Mandeville, LA  70471

Spring Game / Golf Tournament